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"Our DJ was perfect! He kept
the dance floor full the
entire evening.  Thanks
for making our special
day one we will remember
for the rest of our lives"

Kelly & Josh Brinkley





The atmosphere and mood that you create for your celebration can have a huge influence on its success.  It is also one of the most overlooked factors by party planners. 

Lighting can create a variety of moods and energy to your party - high energy as well as a soft elegant mood.  We have a variety of lighting options from you to choose from that includes basic traditional lighting effects, as well as computer controlled intelligent lighting. 

Computer controlled intelligent lighting is a popular option because of its ability to control and coordinate lights so they motion and colors are completely synchronized.  The results are stunning. 

Our event planners will be happy to provide you with more details and information on our lighting options - call us!

Is Our Most Popular Lighting Option!
Click below to view the Video

Accent lighting has become our most popular lighting option!  We can transform any room into a spectacular, eye-pleasing celebration with our professional accent lighting.  Lights are shined up on columns, walls, or can be positioned in specific areas to create a stunning visual atmosphere that will leave your guests in awe. Click here to learn more about accent lighting!

Projection of
Bride & Groom's Names

This bride and groom added our Dancing Under The Stars
lighting system, along with having their names projected on the ceiling of this tent.  Ask our event planning staff about our how we can enhance the ambience of your venue with one or more of our lighting options!  Photo's (above and right) courtesy of Roxanne Crouse Photography.

Dancing Under The Stars

Turn out the lights and be amazed! The DJ Connection's all new laser light effect package generates an enormous “universe of stars” that absolutely wows spectators. Perfect to add elegant ambience to your dance floor, or to turn your corporate event into a night no one will ever forget. Limited supply, so reserve your "Dancing Under The Stars" package today!


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